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Virtual Room Tours with David Bukach

March 13, 2013
Greetings Executives,

I wanted to share with you the final product of a recent project we undertook with local film & television photographer David Bukach.  Find a complete spread of his work here.

David helped us create virtual 360 degree room tours of our various roomtypes.  Have a look at the page here, which contains all of the tours.  Dave was great to work with - easygoing, professional, and able to turn up with very little notice if the winter weather started to cooperate (thanks Dave!).

Long story short, we're very pleased with these new virtual tours, which are another handy way for our guests to get acquainted with our room types before they arrive.  Please let us know what you think - we welcome all feedback!

Taking a 360 spin in one of our rooms is the next best thing to staying here folks; once you've completed step one, do complete step two won't you?

Stay Classy Executives,
Eric D.