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Summer Recap from the House

August 22, 2012
Greetings Executives,

I wanted to give you all a quick update on what's new and exciting around this place.  As per usual in Victoria, summer has been an extremely busy time for all of us at the hotel.  For the last few months, everybody and their dog (literally, we're pet friendly!) has decided to visit Victoria to soak up the sun, do some shopping, enjoy one of our awesome festivals, or just generally hang out.  Although things weather-wise got off to a slow start, the past month or so has not disappointed!

This summer has seen a few changes around E.H.  In mid-July, our new fine dining establishment Belmiro's opened its doors.  Check out the full restaurant review HERE in the previous Executive Blog post.  So far, we've received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, and we're very pleased to have Bill Ameida and his team as part of the Executive House family.

Launched mid-July, we've also done a minor overhaul of our website.  We're now working with Csek Creative, out of Kelowna, BC.  You may notice that we've included way more photos of our different room types, given each F&B outlet their own page, and got our webcam back up and running!  Basically, we listened to your feedback and made adjustments as required...

We've also been running a new open mike night every monday at Bart's, hosted by the one and only Rockabilly sensation Hank Angel.  I've gone and played a couple times, and experienced a wide variety of musical styles by an interesting cross section of musicians.  I'd recommend you check it out.

In shorts, things here at the House are humming right along.  If you've checked out what's new around here, thanks, if you have yet to, there's never been a better time :)

As always, stay classy Executives.

Eric D.