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October 27th, 2011
Told to shave my moustache
I told her to shave off hers
Now we're barely friends

Greetings Executives,

How goes the battle? It's been a while, I know...things have been busy around Executive House. Don't think I haven't forgot about my moustache saga. And forget what I said regarding Movember: I'm willing to embrace it's significance. All of a sudden, people are uniting in this cause! That's something I can get behind; maybe I can leverage this moustache-mania to usher in a new age of Mo.

Rudyard Kipling hit the nail right on the head when he said "Kissing a man without a moustache is like eating an egg without salt." For the sake of confidentiality, I won't elaborate too much, but let's just say my exploits 'avec moustache' have worked out 'assez bien'. 'Nuff said. I'm convinced that we're entering a new age: an age of acceptance, tolerance, and perhaps (dare I say it) a moustache renaissance of sorts!

Anybody with a few years under their belt will tell you "Everything, including fashion, moves in cycles." I believe the moustache to be no exception: Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds were pioneers, prophets even, of the late 70's and 80's. I had to laugh at this Tom Selleck quote: "There was a time I could have been mistaken for Burt Reynolds. I had a moustache and so did he. But he was the number one star in the world, so there wasn't really much confusion." These gentlemen of yesteryear shall serve as models for what I aim to promote - to re-establish the moustache as a symbol of power, sex, and righteousness.

Tonight, I'm hosting the Prodigy Group of Victoria at Executive House. As part of their mentorship program, I bid on and successfully landed their annual Mentorship Dinner. Aside from being a great evening for the hotel in terms of brand recognition with local businesspeople, it will be a great forum to stand in front of a well-dressed group and show this lip-tiger off for the world to see. I hope our honourable mayor Dean Fortin will take note, and perhaps a moustache seed will be planted in his brain. (It could be an area of 'personal growth' for him).

There you have it Executives. Since starting this journey, my mo has experienced a positive reception around the office, more than a few chuckles, a high-five or two, some intimate moments, and this baby is just getting started. Up next: research waxing options. And I don't mean for my back.

FYI, I'm formulating a plan to start tackling the 'alternative transport' initiative on this blog. I did just buy a new car ('92 Volvo 240, Ferrari red, classic), but hypocrisy aside, I aim to get to work as much as possible through self-powered means through the fall/winter. To demonstrate what this looks like, I am undertaking a personal goal: ride to work for an entire week in November on a razor scooter. Yes, I saved mine from childhood. Yes, it can support the weight of a grown man-child. Yes, it's going to be wet and possibly painful. Yes, I'll keep you in the loop.

Stay Stachey Executives, and a successful Halloween weekend to all of you.

Eric D.