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December 2nd, 2011
Greetings Executives,

With a flick of the calendar page and a flick of the razor's blade, a continent's collective moustache has hit the sink. Save for the die-hard, or the everyday wearer, most men's moustaches are now a thing of the past. Goodbye Movember, hello Holiday Season! Sources at the Movember website (http://ca.movember.com/momoney/) tell me that Canada led the charge, raising a whopping $37,952,645 for prostate cancer research. Kudos.

As a side note, while digging through our Google Analytics data with our web design company, Array Studios (www.arraystudios.com), I discovered that our site was ranking based on the 'moustache facts' contained therein. Apparently, the Moustache Chronicles have contributed to the global pool of moustache data, which I find both hilarious and gratifying. Thanks, Google, for deeming my blog (somewhat) relevant!

Now that my upper lip has transformed from a rug to sandpaper, it's back to the ol' drawing board on the Exec. House blog. To enlighten you as to my alternative transport initiatives, I made it to work on both my bicycle (which has been my main mode of transport until the cold/wet set in), and the razor scooter! For any of you who didn't grow up in the 90s, please refer to this article for background info: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Razor_(scooter)). I gotta say, riding the scooter was not as easy as I remember it to be: it's far more of a cardio workout than I recall. Also, not so practical going uphill. Long story short, I didn't quite make it for a full week on the thing, but I still take the odd jaunt on it out of the house for a laugh/wake up call.

So we're approaching the festive season, or Christmas (for you traditionalists). What does this mean to you? If you're a Canadian, it means shopping, drinking, more shopping, a bit of holiday stress, then quick, back to work! If you're American, it entails much the same, although you might be watching two political parties tear each other apart on TV too. If you're Egyptian, it means hanging out in Tahrir Square and trying to overthrow your government without getting shot. If you're Syrian, it also means trying to overthrow your government without getting shot. If you're a Syrian serious about getting the job done, you're probably talking to the new Libyan authorities in hopes of securing the weapons you need to get the job done. It ain't easy out there! Makes our battle here with parking, malls, and subzero temperature seem like a cakewalk.

With so much struggle happening on a global scale, I can't help but be humbled around the holidays. When you're a child, it's hard not to be consumed by holiday greed, fueled by the latest plastic creation and a heavy dosage of gravy. Personally, it feels like the older I get, the less I'm focused on myself around Christmas, and the more I'm morally and emotionally affected by the plights of others. This year, I hope to relax at home with my (small) family of 3, rest and rejuvenate, and try to give back a bit.

Here at Executive House, we're running a silent auction on December 12th, with all proceeds being donated to the Help Fill a Dream Foundation. While it's not helping foreign nationals overthrow their corrupt ruling parties, it IS helping a worthy cause close to home: terminally ill children. Regardless of where we direct our philanthropic efforts over the holidays, it just feels good to make a positive difference to someone in need.

In closing, I wish you all a safe and productive December. For a jolly good time, head by Bart's one of these days after work; you may just catch myself and my co-worker Taren doing the same thing. Stop by and say hi!

Stay Classy Executives,

Eric D.