Executive Blog


August 29th, 2011
Greetings Executives,

August has been an exciting month at Executive House. The place is alive: visitors from around the world form a steady procession to and from our local attractions, Victoria Royals hopefuls pop in and out on their way to the rink, and Bart's is bustling with thirsty crowds and hopping bands. Amidst it all, we decided to shoot an Executive House movie, showcasing our building, amenities, rooms, and our view.

The man with the cameras, David Goldberg, is an old friend of mine from UVic days. Between working for Allscenes Media (the company that did our mobile website) and freelancing as an independent film contractor, Goldy is a busy man. Check out his work here: http://vimeo.com/cinema264.

I was happy to get him in the building for a couple days of shooting, and as it stands now, we're just about wrapped. We liked the project so much that we've decided to push ahead and do virtual room tours of our various room types too, so that guests can have an even better idea of what to expect when they check in.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks: the plan is to get a Youtube channel going, then embed the video on our homepage. Once it's all done, I think we'll have covered all bases for our international guests: they'll be able to watch our live webcam to check the forecast, and watch our short film to get a glimpse of what to expect 'in-House'.

I'm no Spielberg, but I'm quite excited with what we've been able to accomplish with this video. Keep your eyes peeled for the debut, and stay classy film buffs!

Eric D.