Executive Blog


August 11th, 2011
Greetings Executives,

I don't know about you, but in my world, a cup of coffee in the AM isn't icing on the cake: it IS the cake. Without that steaming java injection, my day may tailspin, and for you non-pilots out there not familiar with the lingo, a tailspin isn't a good thing. Which brings me to my next point: is it just me, or does most coffee found in hotel rooms leave something to be desired?

As a man who does some travelling, I've forced myself to gulp some sub-par cups of joe in my day. Should this be a requirement of a stay in a hotel? Absolutely not! While some people would say 'just hit the streets and find the nearest Starbucks', I believe there is a certain sanctity in rising in the AM and crafting your own mug of brew. That comforting sound of percolation is synonymous to me with warm, energy-giving comfort....OK, I'll stop, I'm getting excited.

I'm pleased to announce that Executive House shares my sentiments. A couple months ago, we did a full overhaul of our in-room coffee set-up. Gone are the old machines and sub-par coffee packets. In their place: new machines, and Spirit Bear Coffee. Out of Port Coquitlam, BC, Spirit Bear is certified organic, Fair Trade, and good quality. After brewing some up beside my computer, I can honestly tell you it's a respectable cup of the black stuff. It's the little things like this that ultimately create a better experience for our guests.

So whether your preference is coffee with milk, a double double, one and one or straight black, enjoy our new brew, and stay classy while you're at it.

Eric D.