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January 6th, 2012
Greetings Executives,

Did you miss me? I know it's been a while. December was a busy month, but now that I'm all rested up and festived up, 2012 doesn't even stand a chance. I'm pretty excited about the new year, and you should be too: global insecurity, economic uncertainty and protests aside, it's a good year to be alive.

New in 2012 at Executive House, we welcome New Town Nail & Day Spa to our Mezzanine level. The proprietor, Melissa Daigle, is a Grandmaster Educator (seriously) through CND (Creative Nail Design). She has recently migrated her studio and client base from the West Shore to 777 Douglas St. In order to experience New Town's product offering and learn a bit about the nail biz, I sat down with Melissa over a manicure. The following is an informal interview I conducted with her. For you men reading this - take notes, I personally learned a lot about what happens when your girl says "Ima go get my nails did."

Eric: Melissa, thanks for taking the time to sit down with me. For all the men out there who aren't believers, why manicure?

Melissa: A manicure is a representation of you, your hygiene, and the image you want to broadcast to others. For someone working a hands-on physical job, dirty hands and nails can be a calling card for hard work. While this approach works for some men, it's a different story for guys like yourself that wear a suit every day.

Eric: You're right. When one suit meets another, the hand is the first point of contact. I'd just as soon make a good impression. What do you want the world know about you and your company?

Melissa: Well, I have studied the art of nail design extensively. I learned the ropes in Montreal through CND, which is a pioneer company in the business of nails. They offer extensive education and training programs. Using the CND method, I've taught in New York, Miami, and Toronto. CND is big on continuing education to keep up with trends and a changing industry. An unfortunate reality about the nail business is that there is no recognized Canadian certification, so just about anybody can claim to be a nail tech. But would you let your neighbour be your dentist?

Eric: Probably not, I've got a great dentist. Who else is on your team here?

Melissa: I work here with Julie Desjardin. I'm a specialist in acrylic nails, Julie prefers gel.

Eric: Enlighten me: what's the difference between gel and acrylic?

Melissa: Well, contrary to some people's belief, gel is not healthier than acrylic. Both are a chemical. Acrylic has a smell, gel doesn't. Acrylic involves mixing a liquid with a powder, whereas gel is applied as a gel.

Eric: Is either nail solution edible?

Melissa: No, I wouldn't recommend eating either.

Eric: Duly noted. So, for guys like myself that are ignorant as to how a fake nail is actually 'built', how does it work?

Melissa: It's a multi-step process. First, a white bead is applied, following by a pink bead. Once these harden, they are ready to be shaped, buffed, smoothed out, and filed.

Eric: Step by step, got it. What's new and cutting edge in the nail biz these days anyways?

Melissa: Shellac manicures are new. They're fun and trendy. Basically, it's a liquid that applies like a polish, but cures like a gel, which means it offers good thickness and protection.

(While we banter, Melissa has started to file my nails with multiple files, some hard and thin, some soft and thick)

Eric: What's up with all the different files?

Melissa: There are different grades. The lower the grade, the higher the grit. In a manicure, we start gritty, and end up smooth. Men generally don't do polish; I'm gonna assume you don't want any?

Eric: You've got that right. Will you be teaching any other aspiring nail technicians out of New Town?

Melissa: Yes, I'll be teaching a wide range of courses, from beginner to advanced. Acrylic and gel. I cover all the bases, like practitioner autonomy, spa hygiene, etiquette, and problem nails.

Eric: Right on, best of luck with it all. Thanks for the manicure, and spending the time to teach me a bit about the biz.

Melissa: My pleasure.

If you want to get in touch with Melissa at New Town Nails, you can phone her at 250.412.3056, or email her at melissa_manicures@hotmail.com.

There you have it. Come check out New Town for yourself, and give me a telekinetic high-five for the tip after Melissa revolutionizes your digits.

Stay Classy Executives,
Eric D.