Executive Blog


July 27th, 2011
Greetings Executives,

I wanted to take the time to remind all you folks about the drinking establishments we've got here at the House. These days, I've been hearing far to many "Where's Bart's?" and "What's Doubles?"...enough to inspire me to clear the air once and for all. So listen up, and listen up good. Here's the rundown.

Located right here in the Executive House on the arcade (bottom) level (A in the elevator for all you stair-averse types), Bart's has been serving up classic cocktails and frosty pints for almost 50 years! Highlights of Bart's pub look like this: live, rocking bands five nights a week. Feel like dancing? Tables get cleared, and folks get a-twirling, trust me. Monday to friday, Bart's is proud to offer its patrons an 'Appy Hour' starting at 5 PM, where you can enjoy some complimentary snacks along with your drink of choice. Speaking of drinks, the Double Seafood Caesar is the signature drink of the house, ask your server for more details.

The best day of the week hands-down is Freebie Friday, which starts at 5. It's a 'Price is Right' meets 'Cheers' kind of affair, featuring giveaways, raffle draws, appies, and all-around good times! Lastly, the patio is sunny and right at street level, making it a great place to unwind and catch some rays (not to mention it's a prime venue for people watching along Douglas Street!)

For a more intimate experience, try out Doubles Oyster bar. Featuring original wood finishing, low lighting, and a plush, millionaire's library aesthetic, Doubles is the spot to enjoy a dirty martini, double gin and tonic, or a couple raw oysters on the half shell. The staff at both Bart's and Doubles are...wait for it...REAL, AMAZING PEOPLE! (no blonde clones here, folks)...which means you get REAL service, and a REAL set of ears to listen to whatever it is you've been dying to tell them. The best part: they actually listen!

So there you have it Victoria. A crash course in Bart's pub, and Doubles Oyster Bar. Sun is shining, weather is sweet. Get down to Bart's, and move your dancing feet. Or, hit Doubles, and soak up your troubles!

Hows about you make your first toast at Bart's to me for the heads up, and stay classy, eh?

Eric D.