Executive Blog


July 19th, 2011
The streets of Victoria are alive this week, and not just with tourists and the bustle of downtown business. The sights, sounds, (and in some cases fire) of a multitude of international acts are gracing all corners of downtown for Victoria's First International Busker's Festival. So far, it seems to be a big success, and every stage I've passed by is well-attended by spectators.

I have a particularly sentimental connection to busking in that I spent the summers of my childhood playing fiddle (and filling my case with change) along the banks of the St. John River. As a child, busking can be a surprisingly lucrative business...until the 'cute factor' wears off. I wanted to get Executive House involved with this festival, and John Vickers, festival organizer, was a very agreeable man to work with in banging out a sponsorship package. Look for the Executive House sponsored 'busk stop' as it moves daily to different spots around downtown.

While buskers are considered by some to be one step above panhandlers, this festival proves that there are many, many world-class street performers out there that deserve our respect and attention. It's a tough gig to perform for the passer-by! So get out there folks, soak up some of the music, magic, fire dance, and more.

And as always....stay classy.

Eric D.